Software 1972

In 'Software', the pixel lights of the industrialized world (electrical power) are re-formed in the speckles and patterned light of the video screen: a metaphor for energy as information transfer, but still at the service of the power structure. This short film is also used as head title of Amerika (1983) and is presented as placeholder, with video screens awaiting programs.

The Saint: The Software Murders 1989

From his home in California, Simon's friend Jack is investigating the deaths of three prominent scientists. Shortly after making an important discovery, Jack is murdered, and the killer threatens to come after Simon.

Destroy All Software 2011

Screencasts For Serious Developers Destroy All Software screencasts are short: 10 to 15 minutes, but dense with information. There are 90 screencasts covering advanced topics like these: Unix: combining the pieces; using the entire Unix operating system as your IDE Fully embracing the power and danger of dynamic languages (focusing on Ruby) Git & DVCSes — rebasing safely, mining statistics, and customizing the interface Fast, powerful test suites: achieving 1ms per test Test-Driven Development (TDD): real-world implications and the relationship between TDD and OO design Using Vim faster than the next person