Children Gone to Poland 2018

Tracing the footsteps of North Korean orphans who went to Poland during the Korean War, two women, one from the North and the other from the South, bond through the solidarity of wound and forge together a path toward healing.

Mimi & Lisa 2013

Blind and shy Mimi together with the restless and crazy Lisa discover the life of their neighbors in their house.

You Are the Apple of My Eye 2018

Kosuke Mizushima (Yuki Yamada) is a high school student at a provincial city and enjoys a comfortable life. One day, due to Kosuke Mizushima's excessive joke, his class is interrupted. The teacher gets upset and makes model student Mai Hayase (Asuka Saito) keep an eye on Kosuke Mizushima. Kosuke Mizushima and his 4 friends all had crushes on Mai when they were in middle school. Due to a small incident, Kosuke Mizushima and Mai Hayase get close. --asianwiki

Million Dollar Man 2018

A man, who is repaying a 30 million yen debt left by his brother, wins the 300 million yen lottery. He grapples with the question of whether money can buy him happiness.

Back to the Fatherland 2018

A documentary that looks at the problems for young modern Israelis returning to the Germanic countries of central Europe, and in particular how this impacts upon older generations of their families, who had to leave countries like Austria and Germany. Central to the film is the impending move to Berlin of the two filmmakers Gil Levanon and Kat Rohrer. The former has a grandfather who cannot forgive Germany for what it did to him and his family, whereas the latter is an Austrian whose grandfather was a committed Nazi.

Fail State 2018

This in-depth documentary explores the dark side of American higher education, exposing predatory for-profit colleges and the tactics they use to defraud students and the government.

Gordon & Paddy 2017

The forest’s police chief Gordon is about to retire and he needs to find a new assistant. Paddy, a clever mouse with a great sense of smell seems to be the right candidate. Together they have to solve Gordon’s last case – the mystery of squirrel’s missing nuts. Could it be the fox that took them? Gordon and Paddy will soon find out.

The Returning 2018

A husband was declared missing during a rock climbing accident. Later, he returned home and strange things began happening around the house.

Reside 2018

Soon after a mysterious-ritual ceremony has been performed in a house, there are several chilling and inexplicable events happening which allegedly relate to haunting-spirit possession influencing house members into violence.

Obstetric Boys 2018

Fang Hao had hello hyperlipidemia in college, because volunteers swap and study medicine, Jiyu gave up medicine, but to drown a long and loved girl together, perseverance and self-redemption of unrequited love began, and Hao's Chinese college career beautiful roommate break a series of silly jokes, when graduate students and other people are assigned to Obstetrics and Gynecology, congenital conditions such as bad people, good ability to experience male obstetricians? Can you pursue true love?