A female FBI agent is offered millions to help a thief escape from a hijacked airplane.


There is no great glaringly obvious flaw in _Altitude_ that ruins it. It's not outright dumb, the plot more-or-less makes sense, the acting is serviceable, but it's just so... Nothing. There's not a single person, place or thing that ingratiated _Altitude_ to me. It's as forgettable as they come, and does nothing you haven't seen done better elsewhere. _Final rating:★½: - Boring/disappointing. Avoid if possible._
**A mid air hijack thriller!** The opening scene looked nice, but soon it turned out a disaster. I did not like how one cop saved the day, just like that. Then moving to the second stage of the film, which is going to take place on a plane on the mid altitude. So another one day event film, because I've seem quite a lot of them at the recent time. Do I know this director? No, I don't. The Actors? Not all, but those I'm familiar with are not a big star or I've not seen them for a very long. The story is about a domestic plane getting hijacked. Like most of the film, our hero who is happened to be a cop is on that plane when an unknown gang takes over it in the mid air. When the incident breaks out, she slips away to find out the reason behind it. Meanwhile, in the panic and chaos, the plan disrupts for the gang. Later the motives were revealed to us, following, the end approaches where one final confrontation to take down the bad guys happens. The overall production looked decent, except the graphics part. That graphics were terrible, compared to other B movies that has better visuals than this. The performances were okay. The story was nothing, just an event based film and how people would react to being in such position was the film. Totally, an unnecessary film. Particularly Dolph Lundgren, who did nothing than piloting. What a waste! And then the end was unbelievably bad, but expected from such film. No, not worth a watch. _3/10_

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