How to Use Mint Leaves as Cooling Facials

Mint fills in as a reviving facial, that filters and chill off the skin. The calming and advantageous properties of mint will treat the greater part of the skin issues and help enhance the appearance for that splendid and brilliant skin.

1. Cooling Facial with Mint Leaves


Mint takes off

Bits of cucumber



1. Take a couple of mint leaves and bits of cucumber. Keep in mind not to include excessively numerous pieces, with the goal that the blend don’t move toward becoming water.

2. Make a glue out of the two fixings.

3. Apply nectar on the off chance that you need.

4. Apply on the face.

5. Leave on for 20 minutes, at that point flush off.


This face veil will include a gleam and tone your face.

2. Mint Face Scrub

Grouped supplements pressed in mint leaves can purge your blocked pores and invigorates the skin. Include oats and drain powder and nectar to swing it to a face scour.


Mint clears out

3 Tablespoon Milk powder

1/2 Tablespoon nectar

1/4 cucumber


1. Pound all fixings.

2. Include nectar.

3. Wash your face.

4. Apply the face cover and clean uniformly.

5. Abandon it to dry normally.

6. Wipe utilizing wet fabric.

Medical advantages of Mint:

Mint alleviates dry skin by maintaning its dampness

Mint fills in as an extraordinary hostile to skin break out treatment

Mint alleviates aggravated skin

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