Quick and Healthy Foods You Can Make on a Rice Cooker

The following are 5 basic dishes you can make on this exceptionally helpful gadget:

1. Cinnamon Roll Pancake Recipe

Wanting for cinnamon rolls? Indeed, you can influence a thick, heavenly cinnamon to move hotcake in the rice cooker. Here are the means:


1 measure of hotcake blend

1/2 glass water

1 egg

Cinnamon move blend:

4 tbsp of diminished spread

1/4 measure of pressed light dark colored sugar

1 tsp of cinnamon

1. To start with you need to splash the rice cooker container with non-stick shower and stirred up the flapjack blend.

2. Empty the hotcake hitter into the container and spooned your cinnamon blend on top in arbitrary clusters. At that point utilize a blade to whirl it around in the hitter.

3. At that point put the top on the pot and squeezed the COOK catch on your rice cooker.

4. The COOK secure fly’s on the rice cooker after around 5 minutes. On the off chance that your hotcakes were simply beginning to bubble, you should simply to return the top on and let them steam on the WARM setting for around 8-10 minutes or increasingly if necessary.

You don’t need it to warm over 10 minutes, or it will consume the base of your rice cooker hotcake. On the off chance that it is done you simply need to put it onto a plate and put coating or syrup on it.

2. Pureed potatoes Recipe

Making pureed potatoes has never been this simple, you should simply to take after this means:


1 ½ lbs potatoes, coarsely cleaved

¼ container drain

Coarsely ground dark pepper

Discretionary blend ins, for example, spread, squeezed garlic cloves, cream cheddar, acrid cream or cheddar.


1. Place the potatoes and enough water to cover them into the rice Cooker.

2. Cover and put the microwave on HIGH 10-12 minutes or until the point that the potatoes are delicate.

3. Painstakingly expel the internal cover and deplete the water. Add drain to the potatoes; crush potatoes utilizing the Mix ‘N Masher. Include salt, dark pepper, and blend ins, if wanted; blend altogether.

3. Macintosh and Cheese Recipe

In the event that your children cherish cheddar or pasta, and you have a considerable measure of activities other than cooking, this macintosh and cheddar formula cooked on a rice cooker would truly be helpful for you occupied mother’s out there.


2 containers Pasta

1/2 containers chicken stock

1/2 containers destroyed cheddar (You can utilize a 3 cheddar mix of mozzarella, cheddar and monterey jack

1 container entire drain

1 Tsp salt


1. Place the initial 3 fixings in the rice cooker and cook for 15 minutes.

2. Open the cover, include the drain and cheddar, at that point mix to consolidate.

3. Close the cover and cook for an extra 20 minutes or 25 minutes in the event that you need it to have a hull on the base.

*Rice cookers can cook at various warms, along these lines check the macintosh and cheddar after if cooks for 30 minutes, in any event more than once.

4. Serve.

* Option: You can likewise include a measure of finely slashed broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, solidified peas or butternut squash. Do this in step #2.

4. Quinoa Recipe

On the off chance that you are wanting to serve Quinoa as a side dish for family supper, this hands off technique is beneficial for you.

Quinoa is fairly dull individually and necessities season spikes. So you may play with it by including herbs and so on. It makes for a delectable and healthy buoyant servings of mixed greens, pilaf or a warm and grainy side dish set up of rice.

Ventures on the most proficient method to cook quinoa in a rice cooker:

1. Utilizing a fine work sifter wash some natural quinoa in chilly water. At that point deplete.

2. Dump flushed quinoa into your rice cooker.

3. Include 2 glasses new water.

4. Turn on your rice cooker.

In around fifteen minutes, you will have a hot and fleecy quinoa.

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